An Ecological Landscape Company

Prperty Clean-up


Outdoor Clean-ups and Lanscaping Restorations

Indy Ecocare is a full service landscaping company offering a complete line of property maintenace and outdoor renovation services for Indiananapolis / Franklin Township Indiana. If you need small to medium sized property maintenace, landscaping services or complete outdoor renovations we are here to help. Call 317-518-7077 for a free consultation.

Specializing in Ecological Landscaping

Indy Ecocare is commited to to ecoogically sustainable and beneficial property restoration solutions.

  • Invasive and Noxious Weed Clean-ups
  • Prep for sale
  • Lawn Renovations
  • Land Renovations
  • Garden Renovations
  • Redeeming your land
  • before propert renovation
  • after property renovation