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Leaf Removal

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Leaf Removal

Suburban and Small Lawn Specialist

Indy Ecocare is a full service landscaping company offering a complete line of services including leaf removal services for Indiananapolis and Franklin Townhip.

Our Leaf Removal Process

We offer two different option for leaf removal clients. One is to simply mow the lawn weekly during the fall season and to mulch the beneficial leaves back into the lawn. The other option is to do a one-time leaf clean up at the end of the season. Note: Our full removal process IS NOT a standard blow and haul away removal process. We offer a discounted removal process where we first mulch the leaves onto the lawn with a mower and then we bag the leaves with another pass from the mower for transport off-site. This process will take away abouut 80-90% of your leaf litter at a fraction of the cost. Full clean-ups begin at $100. Call 317-518-7077 for your leaf clean-up quote in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Leaf Shredding and Mulching

leaf removal indy Did you know shredding leaves and leaving some behind on the lawn or mulching your gardens with them benefits your soil?
  • - Provides protective mulch cover
  • - Builds humus in soil and helps retain mosture
  • - Builds beneficial fungi in soil
  • - Build beneficial organisms like nematodes and other micro-organisms
  • Let us mulch you gardens:

    We'll shred your leaves on the spot and place them on your gardens for no additional charge.

  • Compost Them:

    The leaves our customers do not use for mulch will be taken back to our facilities for an over-winter composting before being used as mulch during next years gardening season.